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Why TC First Holdings?


Our business partners such as sellers, unions, management and employees appreciate TC First Holdings being a reliable counterpart. Our uncompromising guiding principle is “Walk the talk“.


As we are a privately owned holding company we have the necessary flexibility for a long-term perspective: We are not squeezed by capital markets nor by institutional investors and hence we are able to create tailor-made acquisition structures. Due to our long-term perspective and flexible holding periods, we ensure that our portfolio companies have adequate time to realize the desired business plan and as a result are able to unleash their full potential.

Committed to success

A profound project evaluation allows us to have a clear commitment to transactions that we pursue. We feel committed to success and do not hedge against failure. It is this attitude that helps us to grow and extend our abilities which ultimately leads to success as can be seen by our track record.

Expertise & Network

We are able to build on a long standing track record of successful business turnarounds. Being in the business for more than 10 years we are able to diagnose and solve problems swiftly and add relevant resources as well as valuable relationships from our far-ranging network if needed.

Long-existing team

The TC First Holdings team is a driving force behind TC First’s continuity, consistency, and shared vision. Our team has worked together for many years with each of the team members covering different core areas. The team allows for a precise analysis as well as a quick decision making process.

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